From the desk of Libertarian of La Porte County Chairperson

The Libertarian Party of La Porte County praised La Porte Police Department Chief Adam Klimczak in a press statement today recognizing his recent stance on the future treatment of citizens with substance abuse issues by La Porte County public services.
LPLP Chairman Nick Hamill noted the parties’ agreement with several of Chief Klimczak’s statements. “The Libertarian Party has long held substance abuse should be recognized as a mental health issue,” said Hamill.
Hamill continued, “When the chief recognizes ‘We are not going to able to arrest our way out of this,’ he echoes the sentiments of our party. Individual drug use is not a criminal matter. He shows a compassion for his fellow human being which is to be lauded.”

The LPLP support the LPPD, the LPFD, the Laporte County EMS and all the volunteers who are actively trying to assist these people in their time of need.

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