Official Correspondence Letter to Michigan City Council

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Date: 5/6/2014
Duane Parry -President –Fifth Ward
Donald Przybylinkski Vice-President – Councilman At-Large
Richard Murphy –First Ward
Marc Espar – Second Ward
Ron Hamilton Jr.- Third Ward
Patricia Boy – Fourth Ward
Chris Schwanke – Sixth Ward
Joseph Doyle – Councilman At-Large
Tim Bietry – Councilman At-Large

Official Michigan City Common Council Correspondence
Adoption of MRAP Ordinance

Dear Council Members,
We submit to you, our list of petition signers asking for the immediate return of the recently acquired Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle by the Michigan City Police Department and call for the introduction and adoption of a Michigan City MRAP Ordinance.
Although the petition does have 858 signers from a variety of cities, over 500 of the signatures are from citizens of Michigan City asking for the return of the military MRAP vehicle.  We have also come to learn that these 500+ signatures may only represent a portion of those willing to publically sign and demonstrate their support for the return of the MRAP vehicle.
As you will read the various reasons and comments that your constituents have made on our petition, one underlying theme is clear and common among all those who signed:

The People, their voice and input was not considered in the decision to acquire the military MRAP vehicle.

This is why the Libertarian Party of LaPorte County and over 500 citizens of Michigan City call upon City Council to swiftly act and introduce our MRAP Ordinance at the next available Council meeting.  (See attachments)
Regardless of the final outcome of a vote, it is imperative that the People have a say and vote on the MRAP vehicle decision.  The introduction, reading, public hearing and vote on the MRAP Ordinance will allow the People of Michigan City to participate in this decision and be a part of the local government in a way that the system is intended to work.
We seek one or all Council members to sponsor and introduce our MRAP Ordinance at the next available Council meeting and thank you in advance for providing a mechanism for the People of Michigan City to participate in the final decision to retain or return/transfer the military MRAP vehicle.
In addition to the petition signatures, comments and proposed MRAP Ordinance, we have also attached additional information for your review.  This information covers additional concerns that have been expressed by signatures of our MRAP Petition and covers the following:

  • Safety Concerns of MRAP operations
  • MRAP Limitations
  • MRAP Training requirements
  • Cost and maintenance concerns
  • Data and Papers on increasing trends of military tactics in local policing  (CATO, ACLU, Economist and Eastern Kentucky University)

We thank you for your continued efforts to represent the People of Michigan City and thank you for your support to have their voices heard and made a part of this MRAP decision.
Best Regards,
Ray Wolff
Chair – Libertarian Party of La Porte County
(855) 455-5757

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