Why Voting Libertarian Will Save Our Country!

The Dirty Little Secrets the Democrats & Republicans don’t want you to know about Voting Libertarian!


    1.) We don’t always have to Win to have a positive effect.  Policy is influenced by voting blocs of only 10-15%.  Look at the Union vote, the Black and Hispanic vote, soccer moms, and the Catholic vote as examples. Each bloc only represents 10-15% of the population.
    2.) More Libertarian votes influence Republican and Democrat candidate selection.  As more of us vote Libertarian, the more their candidates will try to become more libertarian sounding. But their lips will be moving and we know what that means!  🙂
    3.) More votes for Libertarian candidates mean that our candidates must be included in debates.  Libertarian candidates are not career politicians.  They are people like you and me that run for office, most while working a Real Job at the same time.   Did you know that it is common for both the Democrats and Republicans to refuse to debate our candidates?  Just ask IN Dist. 2 Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s campaign.   Article here
    4.)  More Libertarian votes means a third option and better press coverage for all of us.  The two party thing, doesn’t seem to be working for us, does it?
    5.)  Voting Libertarian sends the message that a smaller, more efficient Government and more Freedom are the way to go!

Maximum Freedom and Less Government.      ***Vote Libertarian***

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