Michigan City News-Dispatch: Concerns Mount Over Proposed Zoning Plan

News clipartAccording to the February 11, 2011 edition of the Michigan City News-Dispatch, LaPorte County business owners are questioning the proposed countywide zoning ordinance. For example, area home builders (and the LaPorte County Surveyor) are concerned about the provision mandating a minimum of 30 acres to build a house.
Heavily featured in the article are LPLP Treasurer Greg Kelver and LPIN Vice Chair Dan Drexler. Kelver, a business owner himself, questioned the ability of businesses to expand in light of new land use designations. And Drexler pointed out that the many people in LaPorte County who work from home would have to deal with many overbearing requirements, such as not working after 11:00 pm or not having more than one customer in their home at one time.
Also worth noting is the response of the consulting firm who put the ordinance together that the ordinance wouldn’t be enforced all that closely.
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