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  • Redistricting – End Gerrymandering

    Redistricting – End Gerrymandering

    The Libertarian Party of Indiana supports changing the way that federal and state legislative districts are drawn.  Gerrymandering hurts our election process by ensuring that only one party rules in most Indiana Congressional, General Assembly, County, and local races. Voters are served best when they have the ability to vote for more than 1 party! […]

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  • Health Insurance…or Healthcare…Choose One

    Health Insurance…or Healthcare…Choose One

    At least as far back as the funeral societies of ancient Greece, humans have formed co-ops or investment groups to manage the kind of losses that happen to people rarely, without warning, or as in the case of a funeral, only once. Early insurance organizations, like modern ones, averaged and distributed the losses to make […]

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  • Liberty 101

    Liberty 101

    A number of people, through choice or misunderstanding, fail to draw a distinction between what are called large “L” Libertarians, small “L” libertarians, and anarchists. While there are similarities, there are also some differences. Anarchists are probably best described as being in opposition of all government.  Small “L” libertarians are a little more accepting of […]

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  • Annotated Indiana Constitution

    Annotated Indiana Constitution

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